Couture Companions was founded by scientists passionate about research, biology, and long-hair chihuahuas. We specialize in canine husbandry and adoption services. We are extremely passionate about the health and happiness of both our Couture Companion chihuahuas and their new adopted families. We also pride ourselves in providing you a unique customer service experience that is unparalleled to any other. There is no one on this planet as unique as you are – the likelihood that someone else has your same genome is one out of 70,000 BILLION – you are the only one who carries your prized genetic code that constitutes your luscious locks of hair, stunning smile, and witty sense of humor. Now that’s COUTURE! We focus on compatibility and aim to match you to a Couture Companion who is just as unique and phenomenal as you are!


We were inspired to enter the canine husbandry and adoption service arena after a few unpleasant experiences. After adopting a puppy who was affected by a parasitic infestation – we knew that we had to do something to make a difference! As professional biologists, we have extensive training and experience in genetics, animal and human anatomy and physiology, animal behavior, microbiology, immunology, nutrition, biotechnology, pharmacology, virology, and parasitology. We knew the potential health hazards of parasitic worm infections for both the human adoptive family and the sweet ailing puppy. We also knew that we had to do something to continue to improve canine husbandry and adoption standards.


As scientists, we use peer-reviewed research-backed techniques during the mating and rearing of our Couture Companions. As passionate microbiologists, we employ sterilization methods utilized within healthcare facilities and science laboratories to ensure the health and safety of our Couture Companions and their newly adopted forever families! As anatomists, we adhere to all kennel clubs (e.g., AKC) and breed conformation standards. As physiologists and nutritionists, we ensure that the premium diet of our Couture Companions is suitable for their health, fitness, and longevity. All of our Couture Companions dine on human-grade premium treats such as organic wild-caught salmon, the highest quality foods recommended for the breed, and cool spring water free of contaminants. As geneticists, we ensure that all of our Couture Companions are genetically tested to ensure their health and pedigree.


Moreover, we value excellence and strive for perfection. We pair our Couture Companions based upon an extensive dossier that considers conformation, temperament, pedigree, coat, trainability, personality, and many other factors that make our Couture Companions uniquely one in a billion – just like you! Our Couture Companions are hand-reared to be affectionate, loyal, loving, and passionate about pleasing their family.